This is a beautifully written and illustrated book, with a powerful message: kindness today and every day! Lisa Metwaly does a remarkable job in bringing this message home. Every page of her book teaches us that kindness enriches our lives and fill sour souls with bountiful joy. With word and picture, Lisa succeeds in inspiring us to do better by being genuinely kind! I marvel at her skill and celebrate her message.

-Shaker A. Zahra, Professor & Department Chair, University of Minnesota; Robert E. Buuck Chair of Entrepreneurship; & Academic Director of the Gary S. Holmes Entrepreneurship Center


Wooohoooo! This sweet book is simple and powerful – just like kindness. Kids who read it will be inspired to help the world. I hope adults who read it remember what it feels like to know you can change the world for the better!

-Joan Steffend, Once a News Anchor and TV host – now an author and encourager of kindness, aka the world’s smallest peace project (you and me)


We may have a surplus of many things in this world, but kindness isn’t one of them. I suspect that we could change that by sharing this simply powerful story with the kids in our lives. I challenge you to pass this book along to the youngsters in your life and see how far the message travels.

-Barbara J. Winter, author of Making a Living Without a Job


Finding a way to express kindness that transcends generations and hearts across the world, Lisa shares an amazing gift with us in Kindness Travels Presents Penny Power. I look forward to the day that the worldview taught in this book permeate every household.

-Shaz Khan, author of “Explore Your Potential” & Director of Content at Goalcast


One kind act creates a ripple effect beyond our comprehension! What a great reminder.

-David Wagner, founder of Juut Aveda Salon Spas & the Daymaker Movement


Lisa Metwaly is the best person I know to write this delightful book for children -and big children! As a flight attendant all over the world for many years, Lisa knows that kindness travels and she wants children to get the ‘Pay It Forward’ message as young as possible. It is a story with a powerful moral.

-Kate McNeilly, Educator, Image Consultant & Distinguished Toastmaster


Here is a tender, wise story of how quickly kindness can travel among the human family. The illustrations just sing right off the page!

–Barbara McAfee, Singer/Songwriter, Voice Coach & Author


A generous and Penny-wise book, authored by one of the most genuinely gracious travelers I have ever met. Lisa has captured the essence of kindness on these delightful pages.

-Vonda Vaden Bates, CEO, 10th Dot Transformations®


Lisa understands the vagaries of the human condition. We all need fun and kindness. Mrs. Metwaly understands how much more powerful these elements are when applied with consistency. Enjoy.

-Mike Veeck, St. Paul Saints Owner and author of Fun is Good


Lisa’s message is timely for a world dealing with incredible change. It is a gift of

hope at a time of universal need.

-Mark LeBlanc, author of Never be the Same


Kindness Travels Presents Penny Power spreads a lovely message about paying it forward, and how much of a difference kindness can make!

-Cheryl Kaye, Radio host, Star 104.5, Omaha