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Promote kindness with fun and ease.

Enjoy for self and others. 

Instructions are included in the book to travel the kindness! 

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About Us

Order one below or many. Sponsor kindness. Start a conversation. I can help.

Share this book. Instructions in the book ask where people would like kindness to travel.  Pennies remind us of the power of one. You. 

Gain publicity with kindness. Have a buy one give one promotion. Give to the local police to give to the children. Get the books in the hands of our politicians and local celebrities to promote kindness and your business. 

Care to donate?  Together, we can decide what school, nursing home or hospital  or somewhere else that will receive them. I travel globally as a Flight Attendant. Kindness travels further and faster with your help. 

Share more ideas with me to share with others. 

About the book

This is a book for all ages.  

A stranger surprises Penny with an act of kindness. Both lives are changed for the better. Kindness travels in an unexpected way. Momentum happens with the Kindness Gang.   

Every time you share this joy-filled book, kindness will travel.  Four pages of instructions to travel the kindness are included in the book.

Ideal for Charity Fundraisers

Buy one book or a truckload for your cause or to sell at your business.

Buy at wholesale. Sell for retail.

Fundraise for your favorite charity today. 

Larger orders can feature your logo for no extra cost to you. 

If each one of us can reach one, our world gets better. Lead by example. Share your kindness in a public or private way. Both are good. 

Take Action

Burglary at The Q Kindness Cafe

The restaurant we had that started the mission of kindness. Many thanks to the customers and community for the inspiration.

Kindness, like pennies, add up!

Reach one person with a kind act and trust that kindness travels. It does. Buy a book for yourself and then pass it along with the instructions included in the book.

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Commit to kindness.

Fundraise with our kindness books

Start a kindness gang or kind initiative

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A book for all ages to inspire kindness to travel. Four pages of instructions are included in the book.