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Promote kindness. Inspire change.

Share this book with a note asking where people have traveled the kindness. Ask people to post selfies on your website of the signed page as it travels. Have a contest

Gain publicity with kindness. Have a buy one give one promotion. Give to the local police to give to the children. Get the books in the hands of our politicians and local celebrities to promote kindness and your business. 

Share more ideas with me to share with others. 

Ideal for Charity Fundraisers

Buy one book or a truckload for your cause. 

Buy at wholesale. Sell for retail.

Fund raise for your favorite charity today.

Larger orders can feature your logo for no extra cost to you. 

If each one of us can reach one other, our world gets better. Lead by example. Share your kindness in a public or private way. Both are good. 

About the book

This is a book for all ages.  

A stranger surprises Penny with an act of kindness. Both lives are changed for the better. Kindness travels in an unexpected way. Momentum happens.    

Every time you share this joy-filled book, kindness will travel.  


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