Children crave kindness.

The younger generation can change the world with your help. All donations will purchase books to share around the world. For specific locations, drop me a note. I'll do everything I can to make it happen. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Buy 5 for $60 ($11 added for tax and postage). For individual or large volume sales, please go to the home page.


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

If you'd like to sponsor books for me to give, we can add your logo to the front and back covers. 

I give a lot of books away around the world and could use any contributions and referrals of potential sponsors you're able to share with me. Thank you.

Call Lisa at 612-387-4977 to start a conversation. 

Download the Kindness Dice Game

Play this game at work, home or somewhere else. All you need is two dice. 

ROLL with Kindness (docx)


Download Instructions for Traveling the Kindness

*Four pages are included in the book!

Insert these additional pages with your Kindness Travels book to encourage kindness to travel further. An optional game can be created if you choose. Have people post selfies of this book at unique locations and post them on your social media site with the hashtags #kindness and #kindnesstravels. Perhaps choose random recipients for prizes.